Summers gone – Autumn here we come – then Christmas.

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Wow, where has the time gone! July and August gave us some incredibly warm days, really spurring on the growth of the flora and forna around Brooklands!

As usually happens on hot summer days, the carp can be seen basking in the sun giving a real insight into the quality of the fish we have.

Many exceptional fish have been caught from a variety of the species we have in the lake, providing excellent (and at times challenging) sport for all using a wide variety of baits.
Landing Arthur

Typically, the most effective baits have been protein based (like luncheon meat or spicy baits.

The good weather has spurred on the the ghost carp in the ornamental lake in the CL, as well as the rudd and roach, attracting the king fisher hunting for fry. Often, you only get a glimpse of the iridescent blue body, however a photo would be welcome.

The ducks have multiple broods and at time of writing, there are 8 adults that are calling Brooklands home, as well as the coots and moorhens, who have also take up residence in the ornamental lake and our garden!

It has been especially busy with both the cottage apartments being booked until October and have many books in place for next year already. The kids have gone back to school, so why not pop of for a spot of therapeutic fishing.


We are open all year round, with accommodation available over Christmas, so please call or email for further details.



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