Summer Continues – the fish have spawned!

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Hi all,

After a short lived bit of heat, the carp spawned and by now, the eggs should have hatched. I read that they take around 5 to 7 days to hatch, whereby after that they feed on the zooplankton found in the lake.

We found that the carp slow their feeding patterns down both pre spawn and the week following spawning, providing challenging fishing. As time has passed, the feeing routines have returned to their expected levels, however they won’t just jump on your still need to work for them.

This is a 11.3lb common carp caught this week, using 8mm pellets, size 14 hooks.

11.3 lb

This was caught in the morning, using only light tackled – 4lb line I believe and was his first cast in – very nicely done.

Throughout the day, additional carp were caught, though the barbel and orf seem to be keeping their heads down for the time being. I wonder with the unsettled weather conditions, the change in barometric pressure, coupled with the cooler water that will have entered the lake as it has rained on the hills has lead to this. As the water continues to warm, this effect should reduce.

We have also had the return of the turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur). These are incredibly rare and we are privileged to have created a habitat that has been deemed attractive to this bird. With its unique prr-ing call, it is a welcome addition to the already rich and varied bird song that can be heard at Brooklands.

These incredibly rare birds are red listed. If you wish to read more about them, follow the link to the RSPB page on the turtle dove shown here ->RSPB – Turtle dove

I managed to take the below photo with my phone (I-phone), positioning it behind one eye piece of a pair of binoculars (10×42). There are purpose built attachments that allow for a phone to be correctly aligned in this manner, however this was a spontaneous photo taken with the little bit of juggling both phone and binoculars. Now I know it is here, bring your cameras – it is certainly easier that way!

Turtle Dove




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