Mid Summer Catch-up

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Bit of a late catch-up, but the summer has been mixed, though this has benefitted the lake no-end.

Fishing has been best, as it always is, in the evening, for both caravanners and cottage apartment residents alike, with the most effective baits being muscles and Frankfurter (hot-dog) sausage. Sweetcorn has been effective in a narrow window, typically over the hottest period in July, but I think that meat is the way forward!

As part of the ongoing upkeep, the wall around the cottages was repaired in preparation for being repainted. Luckily, help was on hand in the form of Bob (one of the cottage residents), who kindly helped me repair the rendering on a corner.



Our patrons have visited the local area, though mainly Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey. The Armed forces day saw a strong presence on the 24 June as well as frequent visits to the beach. We get a lot of requests for fish and chips and are happy to point out the local “chippy”. The closest being in Sherburn (RJ’s), as well as Easy Ayton Fisheries and of course Harpers.


Until next time!

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